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Lake Djupträsket is situated approximately 16 km. SW of the community of Älvsbyn.
The lake covers about 130 ha. and has an average depth of approximately 11 m. The maximum depth is 36 m. There are 15 boats on the lake, which may be used by persons who have bought a fishing permit.
There is also a heated cottage and fireplaces with a windbreak. At the heated cottage there is a jetty and a toilet, both adapted for the disabled. Close to the car park, there is caravan park for about 20 caravans. There are also refuse-sorting bins. Only fishing permit-holders may park a caravan here.
Trout, charr and grayling are put out here every autumn. The total amount is approximately 600 kg of fish, all these species included. The majority are trout and charr.

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