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Fish habitat improvement

By tradition, fishing management has mainly consisted of fish farming and releasing.
Times change, and today's modern fishing managment work is based mainly on actions to ensure sustainable use and care of a fish stock on nature's own terms.
One important part of this work is to secure the migratory routes and spawning grounds of the different species. After reproducing, the fish offspring must be given time to grow. This requires a natural environment and appropriate fishing regulations.

To keep the quality of fishing at a high level the regulations governing keeping fish must be adapted to fish production. For the River Pite and its tributaries to be able to offer fishing of even higher quality than today, a number of fish habitat improvement actions are under way along the river valley. The River Pite, like most watercourses in Sweden, has been subjected to major impact from human actions over the years, in this case log-driving hydropower projects and forestry.

Today, log-driving is a thing of the past, but a major part of the changes that it brought about can still be seen. For example, stone caissons for rerouting water and closing off river branches.
Some areas were cleared of large boulders which might have formed obstacles to floating timber. These actions have meant fewer spawning and growing areas for species living in currents, such as salmon, trout and grayling. Environmental restoration work after the log-driving era began in the River Pite and its tributaries in 1999.
Maintenance and improvements to the fish ladder at Sikfors Power Station are carried out continuously

Stone caissons for rerouting water at Björniderapids.

Björniderapids after restoration

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