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 A longstanding Swedish fly-fishing record

Throughout the ages, the River Pite has been known for its fine grayling angling.
At the beginning of the 20th century, a clear distinction was made between fish caught on a fly and on a spinner.
We should bear his in mind when reading that the biggest grayling ever caught on a fly was landed on the River Pärl on 17 August, 1919. The angler was log-driver Axel Nyman, who on that particular day was using a spinner. The 2.8 kg grayling is on a par with the present Swedish record of 2.85 kg. 

The River Pite would eventually become the site of a new Swedish fly-fishing record for grayling. This took place during the Second World War, on 6 August, 1942. 

The angler, John E. Nilsson, was using a fly at Falesjaure, upstream of Tjeggelvas, when the giant took the bait. The grayling weighed 2.35 kg, still an impressive size.

Foto: Ulrik Bylander


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