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Welcome to the Trollforsen area

Trollforsen is situated about 19 km northwest of Moskosel in Arvidsjaur Municipality. The stretch between the power line up at Hökselet and the “Kombi Bridge” (where the inland railway crosses the river Pite), which is part of the fishing area in the river Pite, is about 9 km long. On this stretch of the river, the angler is offered a wide variety of fishing in running water. There is grayling - the characteristic fish of the river Pite, as well as trout, lavaret, pike and perch. Printable map.

Pite älv ekonomisk förening is an economic association which manages the fishing in the Trollforsen area from 1 May 2010.
In this area, extensive restoration has gone on to remove the remnants of the log-driving era. Closed-off branches of the river have been opened up and stone jetties and log-guiding booms used during log-driving have been removed.
Pite älv ekonomisk förening is working to raise the quality of the fishing in the area buy changing the regulations and improving the monitoring. An inventory of the fish stocks will be carried out and a fish conservation plan will be set up.
Through these changes we hope the fishing in this fantastic area will be improved even more in the years to come.

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