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The alluring beauty of the River Pite
The River Pite is stony and barren, mystical and somehow inaccessible.
The mountains, shifting to blue, are borne by a knotty pine, and through this old-growth pine forest winds the mother river, whose glistening waters bring anticipation of the angling to come.

The River Pite is a long river whose life-giving birthing grounds can be traced far up near the Norwegian border. At the source lakes lies the well-known fishing camp Miekak, with its much talked-about charr fishing in the Peskejaure currents and other waters.

The river contains many long calm stretches, veritable giant lakes, which are all truly abounding in fish. They have names like Tjeggelvas, Vuolvojaure, Muorsumjaure, Jäknajaure and Puoktajaure; all classic angling settings.

The River Pite can be divided into three sections, the mountain river from Mavasjaure down to Tjeggelvas, the forest river from Tjeggelvas down to Storforsen Rapids, Europes biggest unharnessed falls, and the coastal river from Storforsen Rapids down to the community of Piteå on the Gulf of Bothnia.

Since 1916, the River Pite has a power station at Sikfors, which in recent years has been extended and renovated. Despite this encroachment, the river is in the category of unharnessed rivers worthy of protection. The average water flow is 160 m3 per second, making it one of the four largest river systems in Sweden.

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